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What do I teach?

I offer English (EFL/ESL) tutorials, call center training program, and tailored-fit courses for your specific needs. Feel free to browse through the pages and start subscribing now. Leave us also your comments and share this to others.

Functional English
Learn English as a second or foreign language (EFL/ESL) to the optimum level and bring your career to greater heights. Bridge the gap of communication globally. Succeed and enjoy life!

Business English
Negotiations, marketing, project management, interviews, office correspondence, and other business-related English courses are designed for you to be ahead of the game.

Call Center Training Program
We help you program your goals : dealing with customer services, technical support, and other related jobs in a Call Center.


"Well, I just want to thank you for the things you taught me when I was your student. It helped me a lot to get job opportunities and a chance to support my parents. It means a lot to me. So I hope our Lord blesses you and your family."

Jose Yax

"Eugenio Montemayor was my English teacher for three (3) years and I have learned a lot from him. He is an excellent teacher. I can say the best, he teaches in an easy way that everybody can understand. I just want to say thank you, because of this I have been working in a call center industry for more than 5 years now and my life has changed. I have a better life that I would not have without speaking English."

Yonathan Alvarado,
Guatemala City, Guatemala

"More than a teacher, he is a great person with a lot of experiences and always cares about others."

Jose Christian Hernandez
Production Control
Integrated Micro-Electronics, Mexico